The Future of Security


Bruce Schneier has a must-read post about the evolution of security over the next decade.

"Network administrators are increasingly losing control over clients," he says, addresses trends already visible to many of you, including consumerization and decentralization of IT.

And then there's this:

The "Internet of things" won't need you to communicate. The smart appliances in your smart home will talk directly to the power company. Your smart car will talk to road sensors and, eventually, other cars. Your clothes will talk to your dry cleaner. Your phone will talk to vending machines; they already do in some countries. The ramifications of this are hard to imagine; it's likely to be weirder and less orderly than the contemporary press describes it. But certainly smart objects will be talking about you, and you probably won't have much control over what they're saying.

When he adds, "IT security in 2020 will be less about protecting you from traditional bad guys, and more about protecting corporate business models from you," the Skynet references pretty much write themselves.