Data Breach Numbers Show Slight Rise in 2008


The non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center has updated its tracked report of data breaches for 2008. With only a few months left in the year, the number for 2008 is up higher than 20007. We've had 449 breaches in 2008 so far--the most ever--compared to 446 in 2007. The interesting thing is how the ITRC portrays these numbers it tracks...

From the IRTC's posted release:

It should be noted that the ITRC does not place an inordinate weight on the count of records exposed. While the ITRC breach list reflects compromised records of more than 22 million, in more than 40% of breach events, the number of records exposed is not reported or fully disclosed. This means the number of affected records is grossly incomplete and unusable for any statistic or research purpose. The use of potentially affected records generally causes more concern and is 'news-sexy'.

The numbers haven't changed from August, but they put out a 'news' update on it yesterday... They like the attention but seem to be saying, hey, it's not all about the numbers. Ok, so what are we supposed to do with these numbers?

For a little more drill down on the report, check out Roy Mark's news coverage of the data breach numbers on eWEEK: