Are You Worried Your Workers Will Attack?

By Brian P. Watson  |  Posted Wednesday, February 04, 2009 21:02 PM

As if cost-cutting and other pressures from the recession weren't enough, now IT security managers have to worry about something else: their own people.

Bob Violino's story on the rise of potential security threats through the recession has offers a chilling reality to security pros.

"Risk increases with an increase in individuals in desperate financial situations," says Ken Dunham, director of global response at iSight Partners, a Dallas-based provider of threat intelligence services, told Violino. "Desperate people do desperate things, which increases the likelihood of an insider attack."

Sure, security is an evergreen concern for all businesses. But this type of threat is new to many companies (whether they admit it or not).

We're curious: Have you made any plans to deal with the threat of internal staffers or disgruntled employees attacking your data?