Gartner’s Internet of Everything

By Guy Currier  |  Posted Thursday, October 20, 2011 17:10 PM

One major theme that we should all be absorbing today is the likelihood that nearly all devices, no matter how small (or, at first glance, unnecessary to communicate with), will be connected to the Internet. This “Internet of Everything” was highlighted in several presentations at Gartner’s Symposium ITxpo in Orlando, and covered in detail in analyst Hung deHong’'s session on the second day.

It’s the natural extension of the current uptick in interest in M2M—machine-to-machine communications, which is being promoted strongly by consumer marketers. And I say, finally! It’s about time I can turn off the iron that I left on by mistake when I left on my vacation to Dubai.

In any case, the implications of this have multiple layers, which I hope to get to in further posts; they come down to the consequences of the currently inadequate state of our public wireless network (the WWAN or wireless wide-area network, which includes cellular and Wi-Fi, among other things). A session I attended on Tuesday pointed out quite forcefully that all this enterprise mobility that’s under hot and urgent development today may begin to fall flat because it’s not taking connectivity or availability under consideration.

The point? Go WWAN, young man. When it comes to their mobile work, which is ever increasing in breadth and richness, your users are relying on the WWAN, both the equipment and services you own, and those you rent. Find what could be addressed now in both domains, and try a little simple cost-benefit analysis. And start looking ahead to make sure you’re ready for the Internet of Everything to come.