The Uber Tech Brings You Search Bliss

By Edward Cone  |  Posted Wednesday, December 21, 2011 19:12 PM

by Tim Moran

Whatever your opinion of Google, you have to admit they have the title thing down. Case in point: Daniel Russell, Uber Tech Lead of Search Quality and User Happiness.

When I fire up Chrome and begin searching for the latest about one of the Kardashians, I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that Uber Tech Dan is looking out for my happiness and search bliss. And yours, too.

UTD recently had an encounter with a bus driver who was searching through a very lengthy Web document for something specific. Russell asked her why she wasn't using CTRL+F to find what she was looking for. It turned out, much to the Uber Tech's surprise, that she knew nothing about this basic browser function.

True to his focus on understanding how people think about and use Google search, Russell and Google ran a survey and, to his amazement, found that a full 90 percent of those surveyed had no knowledge of page-search shortcut. Based on this knowledge, Russell and his team were quick to build CTRL+F features into the Chrome browser.

Russell sometimes shares at his blog some of his own search tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you become better searcher. These include (along with the CTRL+F trick) typing "define" in front of any word to get its definition and, for frequent travelers, entering your airline's carrier code and the flight number to see if you'll be leaving on time.

Finally, Google's Uber Tech suggests that you practice your searching technique by solving daily trivia puzzles posted on agoogleaday.com. Give it a try, but I warn you that this one is at once frustrating, addictive, and fun.

User happiness all the way.