IT Job Seeking Tips for 2009

By Brian P. Watson  |  Posted Monday, January 26, 2009 17:01 PM

It's not exactly the greatest job market for IT pros, but one insider has some advice.

Betty Vandenbosch, Ph.D., dean of the Kaplan University School of Business and Management and interim dean of the School of Information Systems and Technology, says IT job seekers should look into a few specific areas.

1. Health care. President Obama talked up health care reform in his campaign, and there have been signs that he intends to push for that reform, despite the looming economic problems. Once that happens (read: once funding is passed), IT pros should see new jobs springing up in the sector, Vandenbosch says.

2. Security/data management. Always a high priority for IT shops, security of and control over data will continue to be a hot area in 2009, she says. One reason why: companies still frown upon outsourcing that type of sensitive work overseas.

But, of course, there are plenty of sectors where IT has been a major piece of the strategic puzzle, but won't necessarily be this year. Specifically, Vandenbosch says finance, airlines and retail won't be the best places for IT pros to seek green pastures.

Across the board, helpdesk jobs could take a hit. With so many layoffs happening, companies don't need as many people handling desktop and provisioning issues, she says.

She made the obvious plug for her company, saying that now's the time to reinvest in your education and specialties. Self-serving, perhaps, but she does have a point. One thing to keep in mind there, though: don't count on your employer footing the bill in these tough economic times.

What are your thoughts on the IT job market? Which areas do you think will offer the best opportunities for IT pros in 2009?