Tiered Broadband Versus Innovation


"I think that any of the caps are going to be bad for the companies that implement them over the long run." So writes Ron Culler in response to a this post about bandwidth caps imposed by broadband providers.

I wrote a newspaper column about Time Warner Cable's new tiered pricing plan in the Greensboro (NC) News & Record. Greensboro is one of the markets where the plan will be tested.

From the column: "The cap is a serious issue for Greensboro," says Vint Cerf, a senior executive at Google who is known as the "Father of the Internet" for his pioneering work as a network engineer. "It will inhibit innovation. People will cut back on usage and become afraid to try new applications. It will be a terrible drag on new entrepreneurial services, and that's got to be exactly the wrong thing at a time when we're trying to stimulate the economy."