The Not-Ready-To-Give-Up Prime-Time Players


by Tim Moran

Have you been watching the Olympics? On TV? In what's still quaintly called "prime time?"

If you are--waiting and watching what NBC is serving up in prime time, that is--I hope you're also enjoying listening to those Lawrence Welk LPs on the ol' Victrola.

TechDirt.com says that, as "NBC continues its screwed up process of broadcasting the Olympics by delaying the actual telecast of important events until prime time, apparently a bunch of folks are pissed off that real news sources are reporting on what's actually happened. They're targeting the wrong thing, of course. If they're upset that the news is being reported before it's being shown on TV, the real problem is NBC's decision not to show stuff live on TV or to webcast it for those who would prefer to see it live."

Writer Mike Masnick opines: "If you ever wanted the epitome of a company still living in the last century, it appears to be NBC Universal."

There was a time when people would stop what they were doing to watch a favorite show--or an event like the Olympics. Saturday night, 8.00, CBS: All in the Family. Tuesday night, 9.00, CBS, The Dick Van Dyke Show. Monday night, 10.00, NBC, I Spy! Sunday night, 9.00, CBS, Kojak. . . and like that.

Do you realize how old these shows are, and how long ago the concept of people setting aside specific hours to watch TV was the norm?

Yet, NBC is sticking to the prime time concept to get you to sit down in front of your 60" Plasma HDTV for four hours to watch what they want you to watch when they want you to watch it.

Masnick says NBC's "ridiculous decision to hide live events in a real-time" means "NBC's brand is being dragged through the mud."

Most teens today don't know what day a TV show they like is one, much less an hour and a network. It's all just more DVR'd content. So if you really do have an burning interest in short-track speed skating or the Nordic combined or, God help us, men's figure skating, set the DVR, walk the dog, and watch it whenever you damn well please. Just don't get mad at us for telling you that China beat Canada 6-5 in 11 ends before you get to see the match. Get used to it.