Reports of RSS Death Greatly Exaggerated


"Neglecting RSS at work seems to us like pure insanity." That's the view of ReadWriteWeb, which nonetheless reports that "the market for enterprise-specific RSS readers appears to be dead."

VC Brad Feld, an investor in RSS vendor NewsGator, agrees that it would be crazy to give up on enterprise RSS -- and insists that no such thing is happening. He points to a fresh round of funding for the company, along with a list of products and customers. A good conversation ensues in his comment thread.

RSS also is baked into products from vendors like Socialtext.

Interesting to see that people are still complaining about the name RSS, and looking for a warm-and-fuzzy way of referring to simple content syndication. I wrote this almost five years ago: "I don't want to be on a familiar basis with RSS, any more than I want a toggle switch on the front of my computer. RSS needs to disappear into the background, and take Atom with it. Just build the stuff into my browser and blogging software and make it work with minimal effort on my part."

My guess is that it's here to stay.