Readers Say: Vendor Politics Can Make a Difference


Readers respond to a question on vendor politics raised by a real-life-story of an alleged neo-Nazi backing a tech company.

Glen J. Kemp says: "I do believe that extreme political views should be considered when deciding which vendor to use. However, I would want to be absolutely certain that the views attributed to said vendor are in fact accurately portrayed. While most decisions should be business-based (i.e. best value for the criteria selected), financial gain should never trump perverse politics."

George Mancor: "I would cross off any company or product coming from a communist country. Sure, I am biased, I grew up in one. Yet, money matters so principles suffer."

"Veteran" wouldn't even hire sales personnel who support Obama.

Jeff Dranetz takes a different view: "To deny your company a good deal because you have a need to fulfill a political or religious, or ANY person agenda if a failure of your fiduciary responsibility to the company that pays your pay check"

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