Lowe's Social Media Fail


Lowe's, the big home-improvement chain, decided to use Facebook to explain its decision to pull ads from the television series All-Amerian Muslim.

Issues of common decency and diversity aside, there was an obvious lack of think-through in committing to the ads and then running away when faced with what seems to have been a fairly limited pressure campaign by the professionally outraged.

But for the purposes of this site, I'm most interested in the disastrous use of social media. While Lowe's talks about avoiding controversy, many of the folks who showed up on Facebook to support the company's decision made harsh and derogatory comments about Islam and the millions who practice it.

Didn't anyone at Lowe's HQ consider the possibility that the namby-pamby verbiage of the official statement would be shouted down by its own supporters, and that those supporters would, fairly or not, be heard as a de facto voice of the corporation on this matter?

Looks to me that using social media compounded the errors Lowe's had made already.