Laughing at IT


"Inception" is a summer blockbuster with a lot going for it, including hot director Christopher Nolan, big-name star Leonardo DiCaprio, a mind-bending plot, and amazing special effects.

But I have to confess that when my son and I saw the flick on a hot day at the beach last week, I did not grasp its potential as fodder for a parody of the IT consulting business.

"What we have to do now," DiCaprio says, "is convince the parent company of this large, diversified management-consulting organization, with its range of IT services, that their ten-year business-development plan comes from the five-year plan their own internal consulting group has developed."
Watanabe looks confused, which allows DiCaprio to explain the superfluous intricacies of the plot to the audience.
"Implementation" is worth a chuckle or two, and maybe a cringe as well if you recognize yourself in the jargon-spewing world dreamed up by author Gideon Lewis-Kraus.