Don't Blow the Job Interview by Dressing Down


From the If You Need This Advice You Have Bigger Problems Than Your Wardrobe file:

A survey of CIOs by Robert Half Technology says 35% believe a business suit is the "most appropriate interview attire." Khakis and a collared shirt work for another 26%, followed by "tailored separates" at 24%.

I don't own a business suit, and I don't know what tailored separates are.

I was, however, brought up in the South, and have just a tiny bit of common sense, so I think I would remember to pull together a blue blazer and a clean button-down shirt for a job interview, during the course of which I would remember not to use too many vulgarities or scratch myself in private places.

My rule on visiting a company as a journalist is to dress appropriately for the situation. I'm representing my employer, and I want people to feel comfortable. If I'm going to a bank where the suits wear suits, I'll gussy up a bit. If I'm headed to a place where the boss dresses down, I'll go with khakis and a dress shirt.

I guess this stuff is harder for some people?