Wouldn’t it be great to have a standard mobile OS API?


I’m surely dreaming. What’s prompting the dream is Stephen Wellman’s comment to me, essentially, that broader adoption of HTML5 will help equalize mobile apps because they will no longer have to be native.

Maybe so. HTML5 might have more to it than I realize. But it seems to me that HTML5, fundamentally a rendering language, can’t extend the great mobile OS features (notifications particularly) from within the user agent. Not on its own.

I suppose what we’ll get, initially at least, is interaction with the mobile OS via the DOM. Which means revisiting all that old browser- and OS-detect ground that wasted so much coding time in the oughties. Sigh. But wouldn’t it be nice, instead, to just establish a common and open API among all mobile OSes? Or are we already doing this? Anyone know?