How Can You Manage IT Projects Better?


It's a tough time for IT, especially on the project management front. Many projects are being killed or postponed due to recessionary pressures, but that doesn't mean that IT project managers--like all IT pros--have to focus on getting quick wins for the business.

Former CIO Susan Cramm has some helpful tips for executing on IT projects.

Cramm cites an MIT CISR report in saying:

"IT-savvy companies have revenue growth that is 3.9 percentage points higher than the average. Position yourself as a leader who knows how to deliver IT-enabled change, since leaders who are willing to volunteer for difficult, strategically important assignments reap the rewards in terms of influence and promotions."

Over at CIO Insight, Jay Bahel, another former CIO who now consults IT leaders on project strategy, has some more insight into running more effective project plans.

I'm wondering: what are the biggest barriers today to effective, efficient IT project management? Sound off in the comments section below.