2009 Could Be a Career Year for IT Managers


"Do more with less."

That's nothing new--even though we hear it more often in these recessionary times, boosting productivity (in systems, applications and workers alike) has been a high priority for years.

2009 could be a banner year for IT, and a lot of that falls on IT managers. First, there's the productivity issue: IT managers that push through the uncertainty and make things happen will only help their careers. And it'll help their bosses.

That's the second part: in tough times, when IT comes under the microscope, CIOs are under pressure to make their shops perform. That means sucking every dollar out of every investment, all while keeping innovation humming. IT execs can't do it all--we all know how heavily they lean on the managers in their shops, and that'll only increase this year. 2009 is a year for IT managers to help CIOs help themselves.

Finally, IT managers can make the most of a dire situation and show their skills. Future leaders are born in tough times, so look for your opportunity to shine. It could result in a battlefield commission.

It'll be tough, but 2009 could be the year that really launches your career.

How do you feel about 2009? Do you see it as a time to go into retrenchment mode, or a time to move forward?