Will Obama's Stimulus Plan Create Your Next Job?


The massive infrastructure program soon to be unleashed by the incoming Obama administration makes me wonder about project management at such an enormous scale.

We're talking hundreds of billions of dollars worth infrastructure jobs, with an emphasis on "shovel ready" projects that can be started almost immediately.

Leaving aside the economics of the situation -- hey, we're all Keynesians now -- it will be a test of project management depth for the state and local governments through which much of the flood of tax dollars will flow.

Getting everything on your wish list is a mixed blessing. Do you have the people to handle every funded job, to make sure the work is done efficiently?

My guess is that this will require hiring not just of pavers and planners but project managers as well. Which, given the state of the job market, is part of the intended impact.

There should be opportunities for IT workers, both in support functions for construction projects and on anticipated IT-specific components of the plan, such as broadband infrastructure and school-building upgrades.

It may not suit your politics, but it might keep you employed in the teeth of the recession.