Obama and the Vox Populi -1


There's a lot of excitement about the new WhiteHouse.gov site, perhaps especially the blog. Justifiably so, as the team that figured out 2.0 campaigning now brings the same skillset to the top job in the land.

Blogger Macon Phillips promises communication, transparency, and participation. The first part is a given.

The second one is easy to say, tougher to do when things get rough.

The third involves a significant information-management challenge. Comments are not enabled at the blog, which seems wise, given the way a lot of folks behave online. TechCrunch suggests community moderation as an option on that front. For now, a submission form is the means of access.

The biggest issue with participation, though, will be making sense of a flood of comments and suggestions. Not just sorting wheat from chaff, but routing useful stuff to the places it can be put to use. It could be that the community could be put to work on that project, too.

Tim O'Reilly: "One of the things that excites me the most is the way that the new administration is reaching out to small companies rather than to the normal behemoths who bid on government contracts. Among other things, in an environment where we all need to do more with less, it's fabulous to see how the latest web technology can be deployed by small teams. I think that there will be many opportunities in the coming year for technologists to make a difference in helping our new administration achieve its ambitious goals."