Why Your Project Management Software Stinks


Project management software often fails to sync with real-life project management practices, leading users to reject the products that were supposed to help them.

So says Harvey Levine in this article. "The issue at the core of these failures is that the way that these systems were designed is inconsistent with the way that project and resource managers actually manage people on projects. These systems attempted to automate the resource assignment process rather than to assist managers in the normal (two-step) allocation & assignment processes."

Yes, the article promotes a particular vendor's product, but I like this piece because it gets pretty gorpy -- it lays out some standards for how the software should work, and why, then says the vendor delivers. You can decide that for yourself, what's interesting is the case he makes: "What the computer gave to us was a very precise error, leading to a false confidence in the resource picture. This is still the default resource scheduling mode in today's tools, and this feature is still rarely used."

But he's not done yet: "Then, Even a Greater Failure - The Requestor-Allocator Model."