There's No Downtime for Love


By Tim Moran

Server outages have plagued all of us at one time or another. Whether as an Internet user or as the owner or manager of a site, the effects of downtime from a crash can be merely annoying or absolutely ruinous.

But who would have thought that it could lead to a broken heart, loneliness and a night on the couch with a pint of Rocky Road? The singles who use the dating Website WhatsYourPrice.com, that's who.

Twice this past June, WhatsYourPrice.com went down because of outages suffered by Amazon Web Services, which hosted the site--until recently. The dating site dumped Amazon because of its service issues. It seems that while downtime might be acceptable to the general Web user, don't mess with daters surfing for romance.

In a release from WhatsYourPrice.com, Brandon Wade, the CEO and founder of the site, stated: "Services focused on dating and relationships require constant accessibility. While you can watch a movie tomorrow if you miss it today, dating is all about the serendipity of meeting the right person at the right time. If an online dating service is not available, a user may lose the chance to meet his or her soul mate forever."

And that's what led Wade to move his site off Amazon and onto a Las Vegas-based hosting facility.

So what kind of site has users who can't be offline for a few hours without crashing themselves? According to WhatsYourPrice.com, it offers people the chance to "date generous people" and "date beautiful people."

The site explains itself thusly: "Successful and generous people will pay for the chance to take you out on a first date. ... Don't waste your time on other dating sites, we guarantee you a first date. Put your money where your mouth is and bid on a chance to fall in love with smart, sexy people, today!"

In other words, users make bids for dates, much like you would at a charity auction for a date. Says the site: "On WhatsYourPrice.com, just name a price, and if your offer is right, you'll get a YES and you're off on a first date. We'll get you that first date, but what happens after the first date is entirely up to you."

Clearly, if the site goes down and the bids are a flyin', it could lead to trouble in dating paradise. If you want to be lucky in love, you can't crashes--and, in the end, Amazon gets hit with the divorce papers.