iPads and iPhones and Clouds, Oh My


The CEO of a private company asked me what's new in business tech.

He may have been making polite conversation to take my mind off a round of golf that was skidding into McIlrovian territory.

But he lit up when I told him we'd been writing about the consumerization of IT, including the importation of mobile devices by employees who refuse to wait for company-issue gear, or even for permission, and the challenges of managing and supporting all those iPads, iPhones, and various competitors.

He said he'd never before had people spending hundreds of dollars of their own money to buy equipment that they wanted to use on the job.

One of our playing partners, also a senior exec at a private firm, said his company was moving to an internal cloud that kept key data off the machines used by employees. Or as he put it, "We want to take the sharp objects out their hands."

And everyone had thoughts on the uses and abuses of social media.

It's always good to know that we're focusing on topics of real importance to business leaders; certainly consumerization is on a lot of minds, enough so to attract coverage in the most mainstream of forums, e.g. this article from the New York Times.

I'm interested in hearing your stories, about consumerization or other trends in business technology. Comments here are welcome, and you can always email me at efcone at mindspring dot com.