Awesome Groupon Story (Not)


by Jennifer Lawinski

Would you like to know the many ways in which Groupon is leveraging the cloud to help its rapidly-growing business scale?

So would we.

We responded to a PR pitch from Model Metrics -- a systems integrator that customized Salesforce.com for the Internet coupon company -- that said it would talk about how Groupon is benefiting from the cloud. This sounded like a good story, involving as it does one of the hottest companies of the moment -- turner-down of enormous buyout offers, airer of obnoxious Super Bowl ads. Just the kind of useful info we want to bring to you each day.

The press release hinted at the details of the Salesforce.com deployment, but we wanted more. What else is Groupon doing with the cloud? Anything new, something our readers would really be able to sink their teeth into? Is there something maybe so cool we haven't even heard of it yet?

So we asked for an interview.

Despite having sent a press release promising executives available for interviews, we were told that they had to check to see if Groupon would let them talk.

(PR Fail.)

A few days went by and nothing developed, so we gave up on it. But then the PR flack came back to us with an offer of an interview - - but we only had the service provider on the line. Groupon didn't want to talk.

It was the old bait and switch - lure us with the hot topic, then deliver much less.

Our conversation with Model Metrics did not begin well: "We did their Salesforce implementation - they do use other cloud services which we can't really talk about."


The Model Metrics guys were very nice and knew their stuff. Yes, Salesforce.com is scalable, and being cloud-based, it's easy to deploy across the company. Those are definitely benefits Groupon is getting from the cloud. But we wanted to bring you more than just a Salesforce.com case study.

That, however, just wasn't meant to be. But we did want you to know we tried.