Your 15 Minutes of Fame


By Eileen Feretic

Wanna be a celebrity? You could be, if Marsha Friedman, author of Celebritize Yourself, is right.

Friedman claims that "becoming a celebrity is no longer just for the "A" list of movie stars and recording artists we normally think of. ... So, if you're in business and are focused on expansion, there is no better way than to become a celebrity expert in your field."

If that sounds like your dream come true, read on.

The author, a business woman and radio personality, says the first step on the road to fame (and fortune?) is to write a book about your area of expertise--just like she did. "You must zero in on the one singular, unifying idea that excites and energizes you," she writes. "This one central idea will be the driving force behind every single word within your book."

Building a business is the primary driver behind these new types of celebrities, according to Friedman. "Success in today's world requires business leaders to market in a way they may never have done before," she says. "They need to rise above their competition, become the go-to guy in their field, the recognized expert people want to deal with."

So, what do you think? Will becoming a business celebrity help your career--and maybe your company too? Or will it simply distract you from doing your job?