Yes, I'm Ignoring You


Reader Art responds to Sam Greengard's post about people who ignore electronic communications by saying such ignorance is bliss:

I fear that following this suggested code of conduct will assure that virtually NO work gets done.

Currently over-communication is the rule, not the exception. If you answer every email, every CC, every "drop by your office" type comment, I wager you will have about 20% of your day left to complete real work.

I don't think Sam was suggesting we all reply to every FYI or cheerful nothing that hits the inbox. In fact, the person who replies to all with a useless response is a productivity killer. Ignoring the real-work communications is the problem.

Elsewhere on the blog TomC was unimpressed by concerns over digital-era kids who lack skills their parents take for granted:

"I didn't ride a horse until I was 50, and never washed my clothes by beating them on a rock. Time marches on, get over it."

And the success on Jeopardy! of IBM's Watson computer brought readers back to Tim Moran's preview of the match. Writes vlad:

Don't allow yourself to be suckered into the superiority of machines. The cost of making this machine perform this one task is staggering, yet humans can do it naturally. Dozens of people worked for years to get the machine to where it can compete with some "cheap carbon units", and that should inspire people...that humans have amazing capabilities baked right in!