The Old Geek Registry


Our article "A New Role for Old Geeks" argued that seasoned tech pros are a valuable asset, and suggested that shoring up dated core systems could be a major task on which they could be put to work.

Readers responded favorably to the idea, but some were skeptical that it will be implemented:

"I would like to think that we old geeks could help shape technology. Unfortunately, what I find are companies focusing totally on the latest and greatest with no time to worry about legacy systems," wrote Anonymous Loozah. "I just do not see IT willing to listen to a bunch of old geeks let alone being willing to learn from them."

Cathy A. Kirch suggested an "old geeks register" to make it easier to find veteran talent. Skip Stein, the author of the article, took her up on that challenge by creating just such a registry.

Old Goldy posited a cause for the ageism: "Corporate IT executives have embraced the offshoring concept with a vengeance, and our governments have done little to protect the North American IT worker."

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