A Matchmaking Service for Consultants


By Eileen Feretic

"The labor market around the world is going through a monumental shift," said Jim Hazboun CEO and founder of Projjix, an online consulting marketplace (www.projjix.com). In a recent interview, he pointed out that the recession has forced businesses to rethink everything, adding that the "demand for consultants and project workers continues to increase now and well beyond economic recovery."

It's certainly not a surprise that many business and IT professionals who've been laid off have become consultants, with many of them working as independents running their own small businesses. These consultants--some of whom are struggling to find clients--now have the option of joining the Projjix marketplace for free and gaining "access to a variety of projects and companies, full business support services and an opportunity to significantly increase their income," according to Hazboun.

Companies that need consulting talent on a freelance or contract basis can search the marketplace and review profiles of available professionals. They can then invite consultants that meet their requirements to bid on their project. Once a firm has made its choice, Projjix takes care of the timekeeping, billing and payroll.

In these days, when millions of professionals are looking for work and thousands of companies that need help are unable to hire full-time staff, this sounds like a practical solution--one in which both parties benefit.