Timothy Croom September 12, 2013 11:15 am

Blocking various advertisers is not simply a matter of privacy. Historically some advertisers have gone far over the line beyond simple tracking, for example on one domain "A Better Internet" (advertiser) code downloaded registries of users, others have used code to surreptitiously download code and Trojans. Additionally some pages are so infused with trackers they double or triple the time for page loads. With browser fingerprinting, it is "near" impossible to avoid tracking (yes I know there are some exceptions to the general rule). If the "government" or your ISP decides to track your connection it is impossible to browse privately, even HTTPS connections are not secure. I was with Verizon for example which freely admitted to tracking users movements to enhance their Internet experience and supposedly gave one the option of opting out. When one followed the opt out procedures, one received a beautiful legalese letter about a week later, basically stating the were going to track you irrespective of your opting preference as it was their network. But for many, just speeding the page loads and avoiding system compromise is enough reason to block them. The advertising industry has not been the industry with the highest moral standards.