Taher Elgamal November 12, 2008 1:25 pm

I find it very interesting that, despite the availability of several technology solutions to many IT security problems, so many businesses focus on these problems only after they occur. Deploying enterprise security solutions at the application and the network layers serves as a preventative medicine in these cases—the solutions can predict many problems before they occur and assist in a resolution if a problem were to occur. Providing visibility into the operations of enterprise applications furthers one’s defenses a great deal, reduces the number of incidents, serves as a deterrent for unsavory characters, and diminishes the severity of what those characters can do. Most of all, it enables one to operate a business in a predictable way. The time has come for us to build our electronic businesses correctly and address problems proactively instead of reactively! Taher Elgamal Chief Security Officer Axway Inc