Yeah Sure October 19, 2010 6:10 pm

'How does a soldier in good mental health turn into an "insider threat?"' If the DoD wants to prevent 'turncoats', perhaps it and the American Imperium would first stop torturing and murdering children and other noncombatants? You know - honoring the Constitution, and that signature on, and sponsorship of, the Geneva Conventions. Maybe even observe some mere common decency? Nothing breeds discontent like knowing you are part of a monstrous hypocritical enterprise, which you had naively joined believing that it's a patriotic outfit that honors the rule of law. If a country deploys folk other than conscienceless sociopaths, the very attachment to God-breathed morality of such folk will mandate wikileaks, if not actual fraggings. As with the national (Nazi) and international (Communist) socialists, and former 'Might is Right' empires, it's not so much an enemy that overturns as much as you who destroy yourself. Madness begets madness.