Coriantumr April 07, 2009 12:17 pm

I will go out on a limb in stating that the cable companies have a last mile problem, specially if they have an old HFC plant. Nonetheless, both Telcos and Cable companies are behind the curve in BW in the last mile. In 1996 the idea of scalable nodes and fiber deep nodes promised a reasonable amount of available BW. But the high cost of the components and infrastructure has hampered this development. I'm sorry to say that the much heralded RFoG technology only works partially to offset the cost of OPERATING a PLANT, but does not address the overall performance of the plant. Both Telcos and MSO's would be wise to understand that the younger generation (people below 35] do not really care for Video Distribuition on the traditional way. For them, a 15 or 17 inch computer screen is entirely acceptable to view a TV show. They want a cost effective, wide pipeline, not video.