Nick Corcodilos March 15, 2010 1:53 pm

Are you kidding? Just a few years ago, you needed a web designer and an HTML programmer to publish your website if you wanted to communicate with the world online. While those positions are not certainly not extinct, they're becoming unnecessary. (And I know folks in both lines of work who are OUT of work.) Blogs are hosted - no need for designers or programmers. Social networking sites are so easy to use that a 10 year old without a budget can create a "website." No editors required, either. And you can tell. Back in the 80's my friends in the rareified strata of "electronic publishing" (remember Lockheed's Dialog?) used to say, No matter what the delivery mechanism is, content is king. I believe it still is. Less than kingly content doesn't get much attention, tho' there's an awful lot of it and those fat pipes mean more is on the way. Perhaps the next controversy will be, What's worth reading? (Copy boy!)